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Camlast 158 WH V-Mount Battery


  • No airline flight carry-on restrictions
  • No memory record
  • Uses PPS AERO material, heat-proof to 300 degrees Celsius, With balance protection on basis of normal PCB
  • Premium Samsung Grade a Cells Adopted, specific heat route moulding treatment: Germany NAK80 series


Camlast 158 WH V-Mount Battery
The Camlast 158VL is a lithium-ion chemistry battery for professional camcorders and VTRs that accept V-mount batteries. This battery has a power capacity of 158WH (watt hours). With interactive features and lithium chemistry’s light weight, these batteries offer advanced reliability and portability. The Camlast 158VL features a P-Tap output for powering 12V DC accessories

Additional information

Weight 2.46 lbs
Dimensions 7.08 × 2.36 × 4.13 in